Paracord 550

The original use for Parachute Cord is not surprisingly, yes you guessed it, well done, in parachutes!

Our Parachute Cord is manufactured in the USA and comes with a fancy name. 550 Paracord Type III Commercial Grade. It’s manufactured to the same high specification as military paracord. Infact our US manufacturer supplies all US military departments and NASA. The only difference is commercial cord is available in a wide spectrum of colours well outside the small specific colour requirements of the military. The cord features seven inner strands and has a breaking strength in excess of 550lb.

With television featuring many bushcraft and survival series, it’s little surprise that 550 paracord has gained massive exposure over the last few years. All the survival experts carry a hank or two of cord in their pack. It’s an invaluable piece of kit.

The list of uses is endless, take it camping with you, keep a hank in the car, at home or at work. We guarantee that sooner or later you’ll be glad you have some.


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